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La résidence secondaire

La résidence secondaire


Vercorin. Switzerland

20 July – 23 September 2012

The «R&Art» association was founded in 2008 by the designer Jean-Maurice Varone.

It seeks to put on outdoor exhibitions which use inhabited spaces as a backdrop and format for contemporary art interventions.

Artists are invited to create a work « in situ » on the scale of a village with dimensions and features such that the intervention becomes part of the place.

Such places do not often host contemporary art. R&Art hopes that these sites will become spaces for dialogues in synch with our times thanks to the universality of culture.

An exchange between a village and contemporary art – each contributing its own history, its experience, its knowledge, as well as its doubts, its questions, its fragilities.

Dialogue with its inhabitants as well – each intervention demanding everyone’s cooperation through accepting the project and thereby becoming full-fledged participants in the event.

And finally, dialogue between the necessity of a contemporary approach and its relation to the reality of the economic fabric of a region.

Through these ephemeral interventions R&Art aspires to make a contribution to a new way of looking at the world, thereby invigorating a reflection on culture, the place where it happens, its mission as an emancipator, and, through its momentary sharing of our habitats, to anchoring us all in the times which are ours and which surround us.

link : R&Art